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Why and What?

  • As You see, We like simplicity, we prefer facts & acts above words:
  • Offices based in Odessa, Ukraine
  • Pool of highly educated & skilled IT-Professionals
  • Belgian mamagment = EU standarts & efficiency
  • Extreme low prices compared with EU / USA
Big progect, small project... Just give us a try, We will “Tweeble IT”
Security not so much depends upon how much you have, as upon how much you can do without!
“Joseph Wood Krutch”

Your company is growing or has been growing ?

Growing companies have growing I T-concerns, and one of the biggest concerns is keeping your company data, secure & safe !

Tweebel is specialized in doing exactly that !

Anchored Security Method Tweebel:

  • Research
    • a controlled & planned break-in into your I T-system
  • Plan & test
    • either “white box” (you provided information)
    • either “black box” (you provided lile or no information)
  • Analisys
    • most common is “grey box” (you provided some information)
  • Review & recommendations
    • in either cases we analyze, commence penetration tests, re-analyze and re-attack untill all weakspots are covered
  • Test-report
    • all findings are put in a report, which fingerpoints problems and offers solutions
  • Solutions implemented
    • we implement the solutions together with your IT-responsables
  • Re-test
    • we test again
  • Anchor-plus
    • your company can subscribe our Anchor-Plus security plan to maintain maximal & optimal security.

Anchored Security Intranets & chat-apps.

We also develop custom intranets for large companies or organizations, needing an own safe work & management-platform, complete from set-up till data-management & maintenance.

For middle & large employers a “must have”, our Tweebel chat-app: iOS & Android message-app with extra management-features as geo-log, chat-log, me-log etc a secure (only used between your people) chat allowing you to have complete control and more!

The answer & solution against growing possibility of leaks via social apps is: having one of your own!


Malanova 6, 5th floor
Odessa - Ukraine